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Now you can apply for SBM Car Loan, online, in 3 simple Steps
1. Check your Eligibility.
2. If you are eligible, proceed to apply online.
3. Your application will be forwaded to the selected branch automatically.
Our officers will contact you to collect all the necessary documents.
Documents to be submitted at the Branch (For applicant(s) & Guarantor(s))
1. Statement of Bank Account of Borrower for last 12 months
2. Two Passport size photographs of Borrower/Guarantor
3. Signature Identification from Bankers of Borrower/Guarantor
4. Salary certificate and Form 16 of previous year (in case employed)
5. I.T. Returns for the last 2 years (3 years in respect of professionals/Self Employed/Businessmen) (if I.T Assessee) duly accepted b the ITO
6. Proof of Identification (Identity card / Passport / Voter Identification Card / Driving Licence)
7. Others/ Proof of residence like Tax receipt ,telephone bill,electriciyt bill, I.T Order etc. for applicant
8. Proof of residential Address for non-salaried individuals
9. Tax paid receipt etc. (Advance IT/ Property Tax / Municipal Tax etc)