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New Schemes under SIB Segment
Flexi (SSI) Term Loan
Any Genuine commercial purpose such as shoring of net working capital, capital expenditure, Research & Development expenditure, Loan for acquisition of Land and Building, Upgradation and renovation of offices etc.

Eligible Group:
Micro & Small Enterprises borrowers with a record of cash profit for at least 3 years & whose accounts are classified as Standard assets.

Rate of interest:

As per prevailing rates 

Type of Loan: Term Loan

Amount of Loan & Repayment terms:
Maximum of Rs. 50 lacs

Repayment: Repayable in 3 to 5 years

Extension of hypothecation over current / fixed assets & also extension of charge over existing collaterals

To meet the contingency needs of Micro & Small Enterprises borrowers

Micro & Small Enterprises borrowers with a good track record, highest standing and integrity for tales 2 consecutive years
Rate of Interest: As applicable to cash credit limits
Type of loan: Clean cash credit

Amount of loan & repayment terms:
20% of aggregate working capital limits subject to a maximum of Rs. 25 lacs.

Each amount of withdrawal is repayable within 2 months with a gap of 15 days from the date of repayment and the next withdrawal.
Primary: Nil (Limit considered as Clean)
Collateral: Extension of Existing collaterals

A scheme for financing autorickshaw owners for installation of LPG / CNG kits.

Existing borrowers of commercial vehicles possessing necessary permits. Vehicles financed by other Banks are not eligible. However, borrowers whose accounts are taken over from other Banks are permitted to avail the facility. All accounts considered for finance should be standard assets.

Rate of Interest:
As per prevailing rates

Type of Loan: Term Loan
Amount of Loan:
Total cost of kits, subject to a maximum of Rs. 25000.

Repayment Terms:
Term loan is repayable in 36 months in case vehicle is financed by us and 24 months for the accounts taken over from other Banks.
Hypothecation over the vehicle.

To provide adequate & timely credit ie., working capital / block capital or both to small artisans, handloom weavers, service sector, fishermen, self-employed persons, rickshaw owners, other micro-entrepreneurs etc., (Swarojgaris) in a flexible, hassle-free & cost-effective manner.

Swarojgaris like small artisans, handloom weavers, service sector, fishermen, self-employed persons like rickshaw owners, other micro-entrpreneurs etc.,
Type of loan: By issue of credit cards to Swarojgaris

Rs. 25000/- per borrower as composite loan & branches may consider even higher limits on merits of each case.
Swarojgar Credit Card is normally valid for 5 years subject to satisfactory operation of the account and annually through simple review process.

A scheme for financing self-employed Professional (other than Doctors) for setting up of offices, expansion, renovation, modernization of existing offices, buying of equipments, purchase of computers, vehicles etc., including General Purpose Term Loan.

All self-employed professionals like Chartered Accountants, Engineers, Architects, Lawyers etc., who possess necessary qualification or professional experience needed to pursue the profession are eligible for financial assistance under the scheme.

Rate of Interest:
As per prevailed rates

Type of Loan: Composite Term Loan
Amount of Loan:
Minimum amount of Rs. 50000/- & a maximum amount of Rs. 10 lacs
Normally 5 to 7 years with a start-up period of 6 months
1) Primary Security: Hypothecation of all assets acquired out of bank Loan and mortgage of the building financed.
2) Collateral Security: No collateral security upto a limit of Rs.2 lakhs; upto a limit of Rs. 5 lakhs guarantee of a person with sufficient means to be obtained. Tangible collateral security of immovable property or other securities like TDR,NSC, LIC policy with sufficient surrender value as to cover the advance to be insisted for limits above Rs. 5 lacs.
For new machinery / equipment
For Building / (commercial Purpose)

To provide adequate & timely assistance to artisans to meet their credit requirements (ie., working capital / investment needs) in a flexible hassle free & cost effective manner

All artisans involved in production / manufacturing process would be eligible
Preference will be given to artisans registered with Development Commissioner (Handicrafts)
Thrust on financing would be on financing of clusters of artisans who have joined the Self Help Groups (SHGs)
Beneficiaries of other Government sponsored loan schemes will not be eligible for coverage under ACC scheme.

Type of Loan: By issue of Credit Cards to artisans

Limit: Maximum of Rs. 2.00 lacs per borrower

Validity Period:
Artisans Credit Card is normally valid for 3 years subject to satisfactory operation of the account and annual review process.
Hypothecation over stocks / assets created out of Bank loan to be taken as primary security. No collateral security upto a limit of Rs. 2.00 lacs
For limits upto Rs. 25000/-
For limits above Rs. 25000/-

Rate of Interest:
As per prevailing rates
Beneficiaries under the scheme would be automatically covered under the group. Insurance scheme and the premium would be debited to borrower's account.

To meet any genuine purpose like acquisition of machinery and other capital expenditure of expansion modernization etc.,
Micro & Small Enterprises and C&I borrowers rated SBM-3 & above only.

Rate of Interest:
As applicable to Term Loans under SME segments.

Type of Loan: Term Loan

Amount of Loan:
To the extent of 2 times the cash accruals of the previous year with a maximum limit of Rs. 50 lakhs for SSI units and Rs.200 lakhs for C&I units.

Repayment Terms:
3 to 5 years in monthly / quarterly instalments as per cash generation cycle.

1) Primary Security: Hypothecation of all assets acquired out of Bank Loan
2) Collateral Security: As decided by the sanctioning authority

Margin: As Applicable to term Loans

Scheme to provide reimbursement facility towards capital expenditure incurred within a period of one year (excluding Transport Operators)

Existing MSE and C&I borrowers

Rate of Interest:
As applicable to Term Loans under MSE and C&I segments.

Type of Loan: Term Loan

1) Primary Security: Hypothecation of capital assets created
2) Collateral Security: As decided by the sanctioning authority

Margin: As Applicable to term Loans

Other Terms & conditions:
1) Original bill and receipt issued by the manufacturer / dealer
2) Chartered Accountant's certificate regarding expenditure incurred for fabrication / construction

Scheme to provide credit facility for purchase of Solar Home Lighting System
Approximate Value
18 watts
Rs. 9000/-
37 watts
Rs. 16000/- to Rs. 18000/-
74 watts
Rs. 26000/- to Rs. 28000/-

MSE and AGR segment borrowers; Income of Rs. 30000/- per annum


Type of Loan: Term Loan

1) Primary Security: Hypothecation of capital assets created
2) Collateral Security: Suitable guarantor good for the amount

Margin: 10%

Repayment: Repayable in 60 months

Gestation Period: 2 months

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Channel financing to ACC Cement Dealers
MSE and AGR segment borrowers; Income of Rs. 30000/- per annum

Quantum of Finance: Maximum of rs. 10 lacs. Credit limits above Rs. 10 lacs to be considered as per norms prescribed under C&I segment


To make immediate payment of invoice / bill raised by ACC, on its receipt, representing supply of cement as per the orders placed by the dealer. The payment will be effected to the debit of dealers cash credit account. The amount so debited should be liquidated by the dealer within 21 days from the date of debit.

Security: Nil

Rate of Interest: As per prevailing rates
On Default: In the event of deler failing to liquidate the amount debited within the due date, the branch will immediately advise the ACC company to blacklist the dealer with stoppage of further supply of cement while operation in the account is frozen. Further operations / releases to be permitted only on the specific recommendation by the company. However, the facility to be withdrawn in case of default occurs for the second time.

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 On April 8, 2015, Hon`ble Prime Minister has launched  MUDRA (Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Ltd.) Bank.  The new financial entity aims to develop and refinance last mile financial intermediaries like Banks, NBFCs, MFIs, etc. who are in the business of lending to the Micro enterpirses in Manufacturing, Trading and Service sector. Simultaneously, Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana (PMMY) was launched to `fund the unfunded` by bringing these enterprises to the formal financial system and extending affordable credit to them.


MUDRA LOANS  launched for providing loans to Small Business Activities under Manufacturing, Service, Small Business and Trade.  Loans under PMMY are covered under following three categories:


a)    Shishu  (Loans upto Rs.50,000/-)

b)    Kishore (Loans >Rs.50,000 upto Rs.5 lacs.)

  1. c) Tarun (Loans >5 lacs to Rs.10 lacs)


Key features of Shishu Loan:


  • No Collateral
  • No Processing fee
  • Repayable in maximum period

extended up to 5 years.

  • Working Capital loans will be give

through MUDRA Cards.


 Please contact for further details & Queries:

General Manager (PS,RB & FI).- 080 / 22353458, 080/22353477

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The `Stand Up India’ scheme of the Government of India has been  announced and is being officially launched on 5th of April 2016 by the Hon. Prime Minister at a function being organised at Noida.


2.The scheme envisages leveraging the institutional credit structure to reach out to    under-served sectors of the population by extending bank loans ranging from Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.100 lakhs for Greenfield enterprises (new ventures) in the non-farm sector set up by SC/ST enterpreneurs and Women entrepreneurs, repayable within a period of 7 years. The scheme also aims at providing handholding support to the borrowers, both at the pre-funding and post-funding stages. The salient features of the scheme are appended below:

Sl. No.





Financial Assistance to a start-up project (first time entrepreneur) with a minimum of one SC/ST and one woman (any category) entrepreneur, per bank branch. 

The enterprise may be in the non-farm sector i.e. manufacturing, services or trading sector. In case of non-individual enterprises, at least 51% of the shareholding and controlling stake should be held by either a member of the SC/ST community or Woman entrepreneur. 



A potential borrower may approach for a loan through: 

  1. Directly at the Bank branch,
  2. Through SIDBI’s Stand Up India portal (to be launched shortly).
  3. Through Lead District Manager (LDM). 

A potential borrower will have the option of registering on the portal right away or simply visiting it and registering later. 

This portal may be accessed through internet at home, at Common Service Centres (CSCs), through a bank branch (through the nodal officer for MUDRA at the branch – in our case the Branch Managers) or through the LDM. 

The portal will be the crucial interface for parameters / metrics of the borrower and will provide information and feedback to such borrowers.  There will be a questionnaire in the portal which will have to be answered by the applicants and based on the response to the questionnaire, the portal provides relevant feedback and helps to categorise the visitor to the portal as a `ready borrower’  or a `trainee borrower’.



The ready borrower can start the process of application for the loan at the selected bank branch. At this stage an application number is generated and information about the borrower shared with the bank concerned, the LDM and the relevant linked office of NABARD / SIDBI. The offices of SIDBI and NABARD shall be the designated Stand Up Connect Centres (SUCC). The loan application will be generated and tracked through the portal. 

The trainee borrower indicates a need for handholding and register as a `Trainee Borrower’ on the portal. The portal will link the borrower to the LDM of the concerned district and the relevant office of SIDBI / NABARD. The SUCC then takes over to provide the necessary training to the applicant. 


Role of SUCC

SUCCs will arrange for support for such trainee borrowers as requested in any of the following ways: 

  1. For financial training – At the financial Literacy Centres (FLCs).
  2. For skilling – At skilling centres (Vocational Training Centres – VTPs / Other Centres – Ocs).
  3. For EDPs – At MSME Dev. Institutes (DIs) / District Industries Centres (DICs) / Rural Self Employment Training Institutes (RSETIs).
  4. For work shed – DICs.
  5. For margin money – Offices related to margin money support schemes, e.g. State SC Finance Corporation, Women’s Development Corporation, State Khadi & Village Industries Board (KVIB), MSME – DIs etc.
  6. For mentoring support from established entrepreneurs – DICCI, Women Entrepreneur Associations, Trade bodies, Credible, well established NGOs can also be used for extending hand holding support.
  7. For utility connections – Offices of utility providers.
  8. For DPRs – Project profiles available with SIDBI / NABARD / DICs. 

The borrower may access the services of the Stand Up Connect Centres even after the loan is sanctioned, for any additional support.



The potential borrowers could contact the LDM or directly approach a bank branch of their choice for their business needs. 


Nodal Point

The Lead District Manager (LDM) will monitor the process and work with the local offices of SIDBI and NABARD for problem solving and easing bottlenecks, if any. Based on the progress being achieved in each case and its prima facie viability, the LDM will sensitise the concerned bank branch on potential cases likely to come up. Once this is done, SIDBI / NABARD will meet concerned bank officials for further follow-up. 

Once the handholding requirements are adequately met to the satisfaction of the LDM and the trainee borrower, then a loan application will be generated through the portal.


Nature of Facility

Composite loan - i.e., to meet both the working capital requirements and also for acquiring fixed assets. 


Loan amount

Ranging from Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.100 lakhs for Greenfield enterprises (new ventures) by funding up to 75% of the project cost. 


Loan eligibility

For loan amounts above Rs.25 lacs, units with CRA rating of SB 9 or better would only be eligible for finance.



25% margin money which can be provided in convergence with eligible Central / State schemes. In all cases, the borrower shall be required to bring in minimum of 10% of the project cost as his own contribution.

(In case a State Subsidy of 20% is available, this, plus the minimum margin of 10% of the Project cost will be the margin for the project and the bank finance will be restricted to the gap in the project cost after both these components are reckoned).


Rate of Interest

As per the laid down norms, the lowest applicable rate of the bank for the category (rating) of loans is to be charged, in any case, not to exceed MCLR + 3% + tenor premium. 

In our case, the approporate authority has decided to link the rate to the 1 year MCLR,


Please contact for further details & Queries:
Deputy General Manager (MSME) - 080 / 22353477.
Chief Manager (MSME)   -  080 / 22353458.


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