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Drip Irrigation

It is a method of irrigation in which the required quantity of water is supplied at low pressure to the root Zone of each plant drop by drop by drippers / emitters through a network of pipes so that the plants would not experience any stress through growing phase.

It is a method of irrigation in which the required quantity of water is supplied at low pressure to the root Zone of each plant drop by drop by drippers / emitters through a network of pipes so that the plants would not experience any stress through growing phase.


Why Drip Irrigation
Drip irrigation is a boon to the farmers in arid and semi arid areas where water is scarce. Main advantages of drip are water saving 50-70% saving of labour and energy 60-90% use of low quality water Increase in yield 15-50% saving of nutrients 30-60% use in hilly terrain / problem soils



The system can be used for all plants. However it is ideal for wide spaced high value Horticultural crops viz.coconut, plantation crops, fruit crops, medicinal plants, spices, flower plants etc.,

Components of drip system 

Water supply pump, filters, fertiliser mixing tank, control system, main and submain lines,laterals, micro-tubes, drippers

Unit Cost
As approved by NABARD for various crops


Capital subsidy on Drip irrigation equipment's enhanced to 50% for all farmers and 100 % for SC/STs and Horticulture crops in Bijapur Districts


10-15 years with a grace period of 11 months in case of yielding plantations In case of new plantations grace period up to the period of maturity / yielding

for crops like sugarcane 7 years coinciding with harvesting / marketing 

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Sprinkler Irrigation

In sprinkler irrigation system water is sprayed into the air and allowed to fall on the ground / plant surface resembling that of rainfall and the water is applied nearly uniformly at a rate to suit the infiltration rate of soil



Saving of water 30-50% depending on soil / crop

Saving in land leveling expenses (any undulated / slopy areas can be irrigated

Saving in cultivation expenses (preparation of land for irrigation channels/bunds). Sprinklers can be moved from one point to another point

Saving in labour

Application of fertilizer (water soluble)


Initial cost will be more (but overall income will be more compared to surface irrigation)

Considerable loss of moisture through evaporation from soil surface



Though this system can be used for all crops it is ideal for closely spaced crops viz. Maize, Vegetables, Sugarcane, Chillies and Plantation crops viz. Coffee / Tea and Cardamom estates and nurseries. Micro-Spray Jets are used in green houses particularly for floricultural propagation

Cost of the Scheme
As per unit cost approved by NABARD


50% for all farmers and 100% for SC/STs and Horticultural crops in Bijapur Districts as announced by the Government of Karnataka State budget 2003-2004.


10-15 years with a start up period of 11 months

In case of new plantations grace period may be allowed upto the year of maturity

Farm Mechanisation- SBM Agri Farm Scheme

Mechanisation of farming has been considered as one of the important inputs in farming, to complete the farm operations on time and to increase production and reduce the drudgery of human labour. With the rapid advancement in agriculture, there has been an increased use of farm mechanization equipment's like Tractors and Power Tillers which help us tiding over the labour problem for Agriculture

We have been assisting the farmers for purchase of Reputed and well established Models of Tractors / Power tillers .

Norms for financing of Tractors 


The borrower should possess a minimum of 4 acres of wet land or 6 acres of dry land to ensure viability of the medium term loan to be extended for the purpose. Tractor finance to farmers who are having lesser land holdings than stipulated can also be considered on a case to case basis provided the applicant is having sufficient income from other sources to service the debt.

Economic use of Tractor 

The tractor should have a minimum of 1000 hrs production work in agri. per year either on own farm or on custom hire or both Minimum 3 implements should be owned by the beneficiary (either with bank finance or purchased with own funds)

The Tractor financed should have the necessary commercial test report as per BIS code issued by CFMTTI (Central Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institute), Budni, Madhya Pradesh

Margin Money 

Down payment in respect of farm mechanization loan for new tractors will be not less than 10% of the investment cost in case of tractors and implements

Rate of interest
As applicable to Agricultural Term loans from time to time.


Repayment Period
Maximum 9 years

Registration of the tractor

The tractor should be registered with the concerned Regional Transport Authority


Comprehensive Insurance cover should be obtained in respect of the assets acquired. Premium for first year will be paid by the concerned Company dealers

Selection of Tractors 

Bank may consider financing of tractors on the basis of viability of individual proposals but the choice and selection of such tractors may be left to the choice of individual beneficiaries

As per Bank’s norms

(a) Hypothecation of Tractors
(b) Equitable Mortgage of lands
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Scheme to provide easy loans to meet their immediate agricultural requirement for production credit where interest subvention is available. .
Loans against pledge of Gold Ornaments



Rate of interest.
Rate of interest as applicable to agricultural cash Credits




Repayment coinciding with the harvesting season



Advance Value

Advance amount based on current value of Gold Jewellary -  Rs.1750 /- per gram of 22 Carat Gold Ornaments , subject to a maximum of Rs 5 lacs per borrower and subject to revision from time to time.

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